10 Advantages of Using Perfumes

Honestly, how many people do you remember just because they were smelling exquisite? Probably, that list will be longer than those that you remember because of their attitudes. This is the finest example of how scents play one of the most important roles in our lives and how they can improve or worsen our mood or our day.

We know that for most people the winning factor for perfume is mostly how long it stays on and keeps you fresh and, we do not say that this is not an important thing to care for. But, elements of perfume are more than that and its long stay is not supposed to be the only thing to be considered whilst selecting one for yourself or someone else. A fragrance is a combination of intricate elements and elegant notes and that’s what makes it something that you would want to add to your collection.

A perfume not only accentuates beautiful natural scents but also has many more benefits un-knowing to the general public and only to the enthusiasts. Take a look at the top 10 benefits of perfumes: 

  1. Enhance mood(s) - A perfume can help in lifting your spirits and elevate your mood. Make sure to keep in mind the fact that the one person who is going to smell the perfume for the whole day is YOU, thus making it vital to select a fragrance that uplifts mood first; the latter part is focused on how it affects other people’s mood(s). Whether you’re feeling mischievous, shy, playful, or reserved, there is always a scent that can convey your feelings to other people. 

  2. Acts as an aphrodisiac - Everybody likes to feel confident and attractive all the time. The pheromones present in the perfumes release endorphins which generally helps to relieve stress and pain, but it also functions as a natural aphrodisiac. Correctly wearing perfume and targeting the key areas assures that it stays for a longer period.

  3. Suited for aromatherapy - Essential oils are used for different purposes, one of them being healing. The fragrances present in these oils have therapeutic effects and help to reduce stress and calm our minds and body. For example - Floral, citrus, and winter spice notes in a perfume ensure that a serene feeling embodies you whenever you get a whiff of any of these, and that is why almost all scents are used in Aromatherapy, only because it triggers a psychological benefit.  

  4. Wards off bad body odor - Finding the perfect match of notes that will beautifully enhance and compliment your body odor can become a tedious task. It might be a lengthy search but when you finally find it, it is going to be worth it. 

  5. Can evoke memories - A loamy scent, a pungent smoky aroma, or a flowery fragrance all can bring about a flood of emotions and might trigger a specific memory that can be unrelated to the situation you’re in, may it be happy or sad. Our brain also associates people with their peculiar scents and we get familiar with them over time. Many a time, people keep the fragrances of the person that they love because it makes them nostalgic and they remember the good times spent with that person. This is also the reason why people give perfume bottles to their special ones.

  6. Can treat insomnia and cures headaches - This one is an added yet surprising advantage of perfumes. Essential oils like lavender, chamomile, rose and bergamot are proven to assist in soothing the mind and relaxing the muscles so that you can enjoy a deep slumber. Another therapeutic advantage of fragrances is that it helps to relieve acute headaches. The only thing to keep in mind is to select a scent that assuages the headache, not induce it.

  7. An extension of your personality - Have you ever noticed how different people and you get attracted and affected by different scents? It is like that only because distinct smells hold different emotions and stories for everyone. It can be that you love a more pungent woodsy or a flowery scent but it might not appeal to everybody. This does not mean that you have a bad choice and only means that we should be aware of the individuality of everyone.

  8. Boosts confidence - We all have those rare days in our lives where we know that nobody can bring us down today. A rich fragrance can almost always have that effect on us as well, whether it be ours or somebody else's. Just choose a scent that suits your personality and keeps you fresh and charged up for facing any challenge that might come your way.

  9. Helps to reduce stress - The essential oils present in the perfumes have a soothing effect on our mind and body which reduces the feeling of anxiousness. The release of endorphins after that first whiff helps us to counteract stress as it positively affects our mood.

  10. Helps with concentration - When your spirits are high and you’re feeling jolly and confident, it instills deeper focus and concentration which leads to better resolutions to all your problems. When you smell nice, because of the positive signals sent to your brain a sense of calmness washes over you which motivates you to thrive.

      On That Note

      When our olfactory sense is put to test, it prefers beautiful fragrances over acrid smells and because our sense of smell is linked to the emotional center of our brain it stirs up an emotional response 

      A perfume can create any atmosphere and can evoke feelings of love, hate, or sadness and it would not even matter if it’s a feminine or a masculine fragrance. Also, since perfumes are associated with luxury, wearing a perfume conveys that you take care of yourself and appreciate finer things in life.

      So, remember that the next time you wear Luczotiq perfume it is not just making you smell nicer but helping you to feel better too and people are not going to forget you.