Variety is the mother of enjoyment”, we have heard it many times and experienced it altogether, right? In this beautiful nature, we can see varieties in everything, be it creatures or creations; adding further, nature contains varieties of scents that add a living experience to every moment of our life. Michael Edward arranged all these scents in the proper order of a wheel known as “The Fragrance Wheel.” 

The fragrance wheel is very helpful in describing a perfume and its purposes. People waste a lot of money and time just selecting a proper perfume choice for their personality. The various notes of the fragrance wheel serve as the top notes, middle notes, and base notes as per the flavor of the perfume and thus proper understanding of fragrance notes can help you decide your perfect choice of perfume.

Do you know? Perfume experts can tell about a perfume’s family and subfamily in just one sniff and not just that they can also tell about your personality if you inform your perfume choice to them. How interesting, no? 

How about learning this subject in a little depth to get a perfect fragrance for our perfect moments? 

A bit more:

The fragrance wheel is majorly divided into 4 segments which are floral, oriental, fresh, and woody notes which are further divided into varieties of scents in each family. Some of these fragrances have been in use since ancient times especially in Europe and Asia. No more waiting, let’s get into the mystery of fragrances.

The four major families of fragrances are as follows:

  1. Floral Family: The most loved among all, the floral family is also the largest family. Almost all the perfumes are blended with a certain amount of floral notes. Though they are mostly used in women's perfumes, occasionally they are also used in men’s.


a) Fruity - The scent of sweet, edible tropical fruits like peach, pear, pomegranate is very attractive and gives a natural ambiance to the personality.

b) Floral - Floral notes are the true member of this family. A fresh-cut flower’s aroma is something that gives this family its name. The fresh smell of fragrant flowers is something that everyone loves.

c) Soft floral - As the name suggests this subfamily contains perfumes with a soft, sweet, and powdery smell of flowers.

d) Floral oriental - It is a blend of floral fragrances with the aroma of oriental spices like vanilla, cinnamon, etc which gives a memorable fragrance without being too intense.

Soft floral and floral oriental fragrances are the first choice of every woman while going to some elite functions or office meetings.

2. Oriental: A mystery of herbs and spices, oriental notes are known to have come from Europe. They are known for their opulent sweet fragrance with an intense impact. Because of their intense fragrance, they are usually blended with some soft floral notes.

a) Soft oriental - Floral notes mixed with intense spices. It adds a soft and sweet fragrance to your occasions and makes you feel confident and comfortable.
b) Oriental - Intense sweet aroma of spices like cinnamon and musk. These oriental notes are mostly preferred by men.
c) Woody Oriental - Scents from aromatic woods like sandalwood, patchouli are blended with a sweet spice aroma which makes it the favorite choice of every man.

Just Saying: Oriental notes are the best choices for intimate moments. They excite emotions and raise the temperature of the moment.

3. Woods: It includes scents of aromatic woods like Cedar, Patchouli, etc. They are a mix of intense and light wood fragrances and are known for their warm opulent fragrances.

a) Mossy wood - These fragrances are a combination of cistus, oakmoss, bergamot, patchouli, etc. It gives the sultry scent of moss and woods which gives you a more appealing personality.
b) Dry woods - Cedar and Vetiver kind of woods give dry wood fragrance. Its elite manly fragrance is a classic choice and they are perfect for a business event or professional meets.


4. Fresh: Fresh notes are the first choice of men’s fragrances. Notes like herby, citrusy, and oceanic scents are the perfect choice to add awe to a men’s personality.

a) Aromatic
- A garden-fresh fragrance of herbs mixed with lavender is what makes this fragrance more appealing.
b) Citrus - Tangy notes of mandarin gives a mischievous touch to your personality. Men choose this fragrance for presenting a cool personality.
c) Greens - The aroma of freshly crushed green leaves gives a confident outlook. A blend of woody green notes is the first choice for any of those moments where you need confidence. 

Here ends a detailed summary of the fragrance wheel. All these families and subfamilies give a clear conception of perfume and how they can help raise the level of any moment. These details of fragrances are more than enough to help you choose a great perfume for yourself and your loved ones. It can also help you decide what type of perfume to use depending on the occasion.

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