How To Pick a Perfume for Him?

You must pick out a scent that matches the personality of your man as it is a very personal thing. In the end, it is you who your man wants to impress. 

Are you looking for perfume for him? You've come to the right place! We are going to run you through the best ways you can use to choose a perfume for him. Let's dive in! 

Study Its Notes 

There is an essential factor when you set out to choose a perfume. It's NOTES. You will find notes in three layers: the base, heart, and top.  

The notes at the base are the most prominent. The base notes last for the longest time. The notes at the heart are florals. Florals bind the ends nicely, and the scent balances in these notes. The notes at the top are the strongest initially but evaporate and let the other notes take over.  

The notes change seasonally, and winter fragrances have heavier notes than summer fragrances. The fragrance of your scent can linger around the room for hours depending on the silage and fragrance's longevity. 

Understand Seasonality and Scent Families 

You should know which scent family you're drawing from. If you want something seasonal then go for the fall scent for spring and winter scent for the winter. These might be oriental or woody. For the summer season, you can choose something floral, citrus, or herbal. You can also buy a generic scent that can be of use throughout the year.  

These are the basic fragrance families that you should know before deciding which fragrance to buy for him.  

Woody: Anything that brings out a fragrance of the woods or forests is a woody scent. For example, moss, sandalwood, cedarwood, and vetiver.  

Floral: This fragrance is mostly found in the heart and top notes. Some examples of it are rosewater, lilies, and roses.  

Citrus: The top notes such as grapefruit, neroli, and bitter orange are common. It has base notes such as bergamot, which has fresh, ripe, and sweet qualities.  

Oriental: This term is sometimes confused with floral or woody. However, it refers to the notes of musk, amber, vanilla, and various spices.  

Water: This scent evokes a feeling of spending time on the ocean. It might also give a feeling of a humid night before the rain.  

Fruity: All fruits except citrus fall under this category. A few examples can be wild berries or even peaches.  

Herbal: Mint, rosemary, thyme, lavender, etc fall under this category. This is also often known as the aromatic scent.  

Green: This scent gives a feeling of spending time in freshly cut grass or even in the jungle. 

Ask For Help  

After you've understood the scents and their notes, it is a good idea to ask people who smell good what they're wearing and why. You will understand why a person wears a specific scent and what thought they put behind it. They might also say that they had tried a bunch of scents before but stuck to a particular one because of some underlying reason.  

They might even recommend a certain scent based on certain factors to help you out. 

Understand The Classics 

Once you understand the basics of fragrances it's time to head to the store and ask for the best available scents. You would understand why some best-selling scents are popular and which one you should buy for him. You will have a bunch of options to pick from and you can pick and choose. You will find many brands there with amazing scents such as Chanel and Boss. 

Why Do You Want a Scent?  

Decide why you want to buy a scent. You need to figure out your goal while deciding on the scent. See his personality and what position will this signature put him in. How will the scent impress his colleagues, employees, friends, family, and other people? Everyone is going to remember him with the scent and you need to find one which matches his personality.  

Ensure that you don't get a scent that is overwhelming and doesn't want people to be near him. You also want the muskiness to be on the low when you don't want him to ooze sex appeal.  

In such a case, you would want to buy scents that are woody or green.  

Try It Out  

There are many ways to try out and test scents. You can go to stores and try them out or email brands for testers as well. Whilst some brands will send some testers over for free, others might charge a small amount.  

How about reading some reviews of scents online and asking people about them?