The best way of using PERFUMES

Perfume is one of those best friends for all women whom they always want by their side. Be it for parties, office, family functions, or just going to your nearby marketplace, perfumes add awe to your personality but what will happen if your friend takes a leave right in the middle of your engagements. That moment of awkwardness and puzzlement is a complete “no” for a confident exhibition of yourself. The same thing happens when the aroma of perfume fades away after some time of wearing it.

So, the point is just putting on the perfume is not the end of it, how you are using it is a major determinant of how long will the aroma last. 

Covering your entire self with that strong artificial smell that completely masks out your natural odor is never the answer. That heavy perfume just repels the noses away. So here is the real answer to your problem. 

Here are the 7 hacks which will keep your scent intact throughout the day:

Check the pulse: Perfuming the pulse points is an open secret. Everyone is doing that but very few know what it all includes in the pulse area. Most people are just spraying their inner wrists, inner elbow and they are done. Add these few important pulse areas for your spritzing. Those areas behind the earlobes and knees, and the neck collar bone are very important. The veins at these pulse points have a slightly higher temperature which spreads the fragrance in your surroundings.

The right time: “When to use it is an integral part of how to use it”- Sun Tzu, Art of war. This very principle applies here also. The moment just after the bath is the best time to apply perfume. Right after that refreshing shower when your body is warm and skin pores are open, the perfume gets absorbed and thus lasts longer. People keep spraying perfume on clothes to increase their longevity but what happens is the fabric of the dress reduces the strength of the perfume and defeats the purpose of putting it on. 

Don’t rub it: Most people have the habit of rubbing their wrists after putting on perfume being ignorant of the fact that it kills the best part of the perfume. It dulls the top notes of the perfume and mixes vigorously with the body’s natural oil. Rubbing the wrist accelerates the evaporation process and that’s it, your perfume gets an unnatural death. So, don’t rub it.

Just don’t ruin your hair: It is a very good idea to spray a little perfume on your hair to keep the aroma radiating every time air passes through your shoulders. But the problem here is that perfume companies are using alcohol like a norm in its processing. Alcohol is added to certain perfume formulas for dilution and to increase the silage but spritzing that thing in your hair is very bad. Alcohol dries and damages your hair, weakens its inner strength, and results in premature hair fall. 

Use biodegradable perfumes: Biodegradable perfumes are a big yes if you are fond of that perfume cloud just before dressing. Spraying the perfume in the air gives a good morning experience but imagine if your perfume has chemicals and pesticides. So, please check your cart list before ordering a bottle of aromatic poison.

Well-nourished skin is the key: The skin also needs strength for all this. Apply lotion or any petroleum jelly before putting on the scent. The other better option is to get a very low-scented oil. The oil in the skin helps it to retain moisture which in turn increases the longevity of the perfume.

You are unique: Even after doing all this, the fact is that the same perfume smells different on different persons. This is because the skin has its configuration like oily, dry, porous, blackheads, shiny skin, etc. and here actually comes the thrill of finding the perfect perfume for your skin type. It’s not that easy to find your best friend and the same goes for perfumes. But never rely on those filled with alcohol, chemicals, and artificial flavors.

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