Top PERFUME HACKS for smelling gorgeous the whole day

Are you too spending the larger part of your earnings into trying to find your signature scent, and even when some of you have found the perfect fragrance, you never feel like letting the bottle go empty ever, right? Be the scent from a fashion house, a niche designer or is one of the top perfume brands, you know the perfumes will not be cheap.

Now, we all are still confused as to why the scent doesn’t linger on for a longer time even when we have dropped a large wad of cash for it? Well, there are so many factors that come into play in making the sillage longer and stronger, and we are going to discuss all of them.

Shall we now?

So, these hacks will work for everyone and once you’ve tried them you’ll know what things you are doing wrong or rather not at all.

First, choose the right concentration

This journey of making the perfume stay for a long time starts at the store, where you need to check what kind of perfume you are buying. You would have noticed that there is a Eau Fraiche, Eau de Cologne, Eau de Toilette, Eau de Parfum and then Parfum which apart from the basic difference in the name and fragrance, is all about the concentration of the fragrance oils in the perfume. Starting with Eau Fraiche, which has the lowest concentration with just 1-3% of oil in it, you will get higher concentration levels when you go up the ladder with Parfum having at least 20-30%. This now is no secret that higher the concentration the lengthier the stay.

Create a special corner

You’ve found something that you like and now you’ve brought that fantabulous bottle home but you can’t just place it anywhere. What we need to do now, is to make a dedicated place for all our expensive bottles(we are still talking about perfumes) and keep them in a cool, dark space away from direct sunlight or humidity(which makes the bathroom not the ideal place). This precaution is only because all those agents will most definitely ruin the molecular structure of the perfume, damaging the quality.

Keep it in the original bottle

Who doesn’t like being fancy and even though there is a lot of work that goes into designing that perfume bottle, some people transfer their perfumes into a different container. It is certainly going to grab attention but the air will saturate the oil changing the chemical makeup which will affect its longevity and uniqueness.

Always apply after a shower

We all hate a spray stain on our clothes and the best way to avoid that is to apply the perfume after a shower on your damp skin as moisture will trap the scent making it stay and slay longer.

Moisturize and Moisturize

Applying a moisturizer or even vaseline to keep the skin hydrated is a great idea and as oily skin shuts in the fragrance, it will stay on for a longer time. Just be sure to use an unscented, oil-based lotion or the same scent product before dousing yourself in perfume.

Choose the right spots to spritz

We all have seen in movies how they spray the perfume in the air and just walk through it which looks so elegant but for a more intense stay, spray the perfume on all the pulse points of the body which because of being warmer will retain the fragrance for a longer time. The main areas being - behind the ears, the lower jaw, nape of the neck, shoulders, chest, belly button, inner elbows, forearm, wrists, behind your knees and ankles, and because they radiate heat it helps the scent waft from your skin.

Never to rub

Contrary to popular belief, you need not to rub your wrists together after applying a scent as it is going to break down the chemical structure and the top notes will disappear a lot before that they otherwise would have. Instead, just gently dab once and let it evaporate naturally which will give an extended stay.

Spray on your hairbrush

Our luscious locks also have the right to smell nice, correct? So, just spray a little perfume on your comb or hairbrush as hair retains the scent for a longer time than skin and be sure to avoid spraying it directly on your tresses as the alcohol is sure to dry them out. You can also invest in some good hair mists but just keep in mind that the scent compliments your perfume and doesn’t overpower.

Lastly, opt for layering

You should try putting on more than one product and layer the scents. A light perfume on top of a stronger one ensures that the fragrance stays on for a prolonged period of time and you can experiment to create a wider sensorial experience. You can even use an unscented deo spray or the same fragrance one if it is available.

Except of these magnificent hacks, there are many other ways which will let people get a whiff of your sweet fragrance even after 7-8 hours and they are -

  • Mix the last of the perfume with an unscented lotion
  • Never shake the perfume bottle
  • Buy a fragrance with long lasting base notes like woodsy notes
  • Spray on tissues and line them around your whole wardrobe
  • Keep sprayed cotton balls in zip-lock for touch-ups
  • Put on the scent at the right time

Cheers to an interminable stay

Now, you know everything to make your fragrances to remain on you longer than ever, and you know that it does not matter if it is one of the best perfume brands, just follow these perfume tips and tricks and be ready to get compliments for a perfume that you sprayed casually in the morning, or even sometimes when you didn’t (wink, wink).