Smell is a word, Perfume is literature.

-Jean - Claude Ellena

The Beginning

Ode to luxurious fragrance

In the thought and ode to present to you with enchanting new fragrances, our products represent the maximum expression of undying love, enhancing your accents and adoration. An ode to a range of new possibilities, LUCZOTIQ® vows to bring you home to an aura of relaxation, and while you are out and about, keeps you fresh and oozing out magnificence all day long.

One spark to light the fire within you

Who we are

Rooted with a deep passion and understanding of good perfumery, LUCZOTIQ® perfumes, and home fragrances were born out of sheer devotion and fondness of smelling distinctive every time you walk out. A deep instinctual understanding of the Indian consumer psychology and their urge to be different, the thought was to evoke desire and form a niche for ourselves to create a brand highly suited for lifestyle and persona.

What we do

With a combination of artisanal excellence, a flow of traditions, supreme values, and love - all rolled into one, we have curated the fragrances in the vow to evoke a different memory every time they are experienced. The sole ingredient common in all the fragrances is the curation from heart and soul, to portray a contemporary, modern yet classically pleasing fragrance story for you.

Luczotiq® Fragrance

We’re here to make you fall in love with your uniquely curated scent